The most terrible horror movies

A good horror movie is there to evoke the feelings of terror and horror that we just don’t get in our day-to-day lives. However, there are horror movies so bad, it hurts, but for all the wrong reasons. Terrible acting, terrible camera works, terrible plot and a terrible music all packed in an hour and a half of what is almost physically painful to watch. Let’s see what some of these very worst have to offer, shall we?

Redneck Zombies

Just reading the title should give you more than enough clues as to what exactly kind of dumpster movie you’re about to dive headlong into. This is an old movie, true, so no fancy CG graphics or anything like that, but don’t think I’m defending it! What do you get when a bunch of rednecks turn the mystery substance found in a barrel of toxic waste into moonshine to drink? Well, you get a bunch of redneck zombies, and they need to be put down. Expect production value of something made in the kitchen with all the gear that can be found there, plus several buckets of green paint.That’s about it.


Another movie you just know is going to go into annals of bad horror videos just from the title. No, it’s not some stupid porn parody you’ve got in front of you, it’s a legit horror movie where a medical student pieces together his girlfriend after a freak lawnmower accident. The guy throws a party for hookers so he can measure them up for the parts he’ll need to bring his GF back to life. Yep, it’s completely over the top and hilarious, and you’re going to love watching it, that’s how utterly bad it is.


Blending horror and action in a way that scarred me much more than the plot of the movie, Scarecrows deserves a honorary mention as one of the worst horror flicks ever made. The plot itself is pretty terrible – bunch of robbers turn on each other after stealing three million dollars and end up crashing on a cursed field where evil scarecrows hunt them down, turning them into new scarecrows. One thing can be said about the movie – there’s certainly a lot of shouting, and the actors must have loved doing it, because they shout even when it’s not necessary. Acting is bad, effects are bad, plot is bad, and the whole experience is just dreadful.

The Suckling

No bad horror movie top list is complete without this particular piece of cinematographic gold! The Suckling is a movie about an aborted fetus who got flushed down the drain only to drop down into a toxic sludge, transforming into a monster which tries to kill everybody before climbing back into his mother’s womb. The story is dreadful, yes, but the special effects beat it by a longshot – the scenes in The Suckling would put even the worst moments of Muppets to shame, that’s how bad things are. Look at your own discretion, you might damage your horror nerve permanently.

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